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New Mobile-Cloud Technology Revolutionizing the LAN Cable Testing Industry

March 11, 2015
Many industries have already embraced cutting edge Cloud and Mobile technology and the results show an extraordinary revolution in both product performance and process improvement. How do we ensure that our industry is leveraging technological advancements to the fullest extent
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Why No Certifier?

January 06, 2015
We at WOWClowd are grateful to have received such strong interest and the resulting questions about our industry game-changing test solution. One question we often hear is: “Is it a certifier?” This question is important, and we’d like to fully explain our decision to launch with a verifier rather than a certifier class tester.
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WOWClowd LIVE! Much anticipated launch will increase revenue & revolutionize cable testing.

October 09, 2014
The WOWClowd solution is officially LIVE! Check it out, even sign up today at (Man, this is a fun email to send…keep reading please.)
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WOWClowd – Shipping Soon! Don't Miss this Announcement

September 16, 2014
As we are nearing production, we remain committed to keeping you informed and “in the know.” Please see three important announcements: BETA TESTING SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED - You spoke, we listened. The response to our BETA testing was outstanding!
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BETA Testing Status Update

April 29, 2014
Over the last several weeks, we have been busy traveling, launching our Nationwide Beta Training Program. Our training has been conducted in person, on-site to participants representing many different industries, company sizes and business objectives.
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2014 Winter BICSI Wrap-Up

March 11, 2014
Thanks to all of you, our experience at this year’s BICSI Conference was again overwhelmingly successful! From the incredible feedback and testimonials, to the cable testing kiosks, to the positive response from the media; you helped us exceed all expectations.
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Why WOWClowd not WOWCloud

October 03, 2013
WOWCloud or WOWClowd? That was the dilemma we faced when determining our name. Most people would spell WOWCloud with a ‘U’ as in the correct spelling of cloud. But here at WOWClowd we are not “most people” -- we are unique. In fact, being unique is at the core of what we do, so we thought our name should be unique as well, thus we spelled WOWCloud with a ‘W’ so it sounds just like it looks, balanced and sharp. WOWClowd! WOWCloud? Nope, not us. WOWClowd? You bet!
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