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Why WOWClowd not WOWCloud

Oct 03, 2013

That was the dilemma we faced when determining our name. Most people would spell WOWCloud with a ‘U’ as in the correct spelling of cloud. But here at WOWClowd we are not “most people” -- we are unique. In fact, being unique is at the core of what we do, so we thought our name should be unique as well, thus we spelled WOWCloud with a ‘W’ so it sounds just like it looks, balanced and sharp. WOWClowd! WOWCloud? Nope, not us. WOWClowd? You bet! 

WOWClowd, WOWTester and WOWTester App are all cool and unique pieces of the WOWClowd (not WOWCloud) low voltage testing solution. Not only is the WOWClowd solution cool, the WOWTester is a hip neon green that screams WOW! The technology used in the WOWClowd (not WOWCloud) solution also brings a WOW factor as well. The WOWTester uses Bluetooth to connect to your smart phone. Then the folks at WOWClowd (not WOWCloud) developed an app, the WOWTester App that allows you to conduct low voltage tests from your smart phone. WOW! Really WOWing folks is the fact that all tests results from the WOWTester and WOWTester App are time stamped and GPS stamped (WOW!) and the data results are sent real time to the cloud (WOWClowd, not WOWCloud) for easy access and secure and permanent storage. WOW! WOWClowd!

Did you know that in the article above we said WOWClowd twelve times, WOWCloud eight times? Wow!