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BETA Testing Status Update

Apr 29, 2014


SnipImage_7.JPGOver the last several weeks, we have been busy traveling, launching our Nationwide Beta Training Program.   Our training has been conducted in person, on-site to participants representing many different industries, company sizes and business objectives. 

Through our training we have logged hundreds of usability suggestions utilizing an iterative Beta format where we release new features as we develop them.  For example, currently, our Beta program only supports IOS Devices such as iPhones and iPads but we are working on a new release that will go live during Beta that will also support Android technology. We will develop, launch and test thoroughly with the help of our Beta team to ensure you wi
ll be able to use your favorite tech device upon final release.

Just last week, members of the WOWClowd team presented at a BICSI educational session about the WOWClowd solution and the future of mobile cloud technology in our industry.  Our innovative solution was also featured on the front cover of Cabling Installation & Maintenance’s April issue.   The cover story reviews WOWClowd and other new cloud solutions, highlighting WOWClowd as the original innovator of cloud based mobile testing. Of course, now others will introduce cloud based test result storage but only WOWClowd will launch a collaborative project management solution where owners will have full project visibility to better manage their business, where project managers and technicians will have access to digital floor plans and where client retention will be optimized like never before via shared cloud access."

Click the image to the right of the front cover of Cabling Installation & Maintenance, to read the full article.