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New Mobile-Cloud Technology Revolutionizing the LAN Cable Testing Industry

Mar 11, 2015

Many industries have already embraced cutting edge Cloud and Mobile technology and the results show an extraordinary revolution in both product performance and process improvement. How do we ensure that our industry is leveraging technological advancements to the fullest extent? And what would those advancements mean in real terms to critical business functions such as work flow, documentation, collaboration, and project/facilities management? No doubt applying innovation to our industry is going to be big! This paper provides an overview of the ways that mobile and cloud technology have transformed other industries and how these technologies are now poised to revolutionize facility and project management for the LAN cable testing industry. 


Mobile-Cloud Technology:
Mobile – Cloud technology has dramatically transformed many other industries but, until now, hasn’t been adopted by the LAN cabling testing market. Industries utilizing the newest mobility cloud technology platform to revolutionize consumer product offerings now include home monitoring, health information, food purchases, bill payment, and entertainment such as selecting our driving music.

Healthbands such as Fit BitTM wireless activity and sleep wristband are good examples. Bluetooth mobile speakers including Bose, Jawbone, Logitech and Sony connect to smartphones to stream personalized radio services such as Gracenote, iRadio and Pandora from the Cloud. Mobile Home Automation, Monitoring and Control, and many more consumer aids utilize technologies that offer the speed, convenience and familiarity of the smartphone coupled with the capacity of the Cloud.

In the testing industry, imagine every kind of testing device Cloud connected -- Network cable certifiers, OTDRs, Air Flow Meters, RF Power Meters, Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Multi-meters, Electrical Receptacle Testers, Bluetooth and WLAN Testers, Grounding and Bonding Testers. Imagine the testing and documentation possibilities for electrical systems, fire suppression and barrier systems, low voltage lighting systems, HVAC systems, material handling systems, sound and multi-media systems, etc.  


According to the TIA 2013 ICT Market Review and Forecast, Cloud Services are predicted to be the principal growth driver. In 2012 Cloud computing rose 20.5% and will record a 16.3% increase compounded annually. 

The United States will begin to outpace growth in international regions in 2014, buoyed by explosive growth in Cloud Services, which comprised 8 percent of the U.S. market in 2012 and will average 18.2 percent compounded annually throughout the forecast period. 


Chart.pngSource: TIA 2014-2017 Market Research Forecast 

Cloud computing allows a more efficient use of infrastructure and lowers operating costs. The current rate of innovation in technology is unprecedented. With virtually unlimited data access and processing capacity at your fingertips, what could be possible?

A Robust Network Facilities and Project Management Solution Emerges:
Assembling a top notch team with extensive software as a service (SaaS) and mobile application experience combined with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry veterans who understand customer needs, WOWClowd determined that innovation was both possible and needed. The WOW team then measured market acceptance, seeing whether this revolutionary new technology as applied to both cable installation connectivity testing as well as active network port diagnostics and troubleshooting testing would be welcomed.

The WOW team set out to bring this technology to our industry in an effort to eliminate costly and time- consuming limitations of the current process -- a process currently dependent upon significantly outdated methods. When researching viability, the WOWClowd team spoke with many technicians who complained about the clunky testing process, project managers who went on and on about the hassle of hard copies and the pain of lost test results, and most importantly, end customers frustrated with contractor services that fail to provide their own infrastructure records. In light of this new technology which delivers tangible benefits for other industries, WOWClowd knew they could do better. 

Since its first appearance at BICSI in the fall of 2013, WOWClowd has been the talk of the industry for over a year. The team introduced a concept that would eliminate familiar cable testing struggles such as lost test results, scribbles on paper floor plans, expensive and bulky equipment, etc. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that BICSI had to move their crowded booth to a much larger area. This show success sent a clear message: the market is hungry for improvements in project/facility management, collaboration and a major change in the cable testing process. 


The team returned to BICSI in the winter of 2014 and asked for help with Beta testing. Again, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Over 500 companies vied for a chance to participate. Since then the WOW team has been focused on listening to what they call the “VOC” (Voice of the Customer) and the result is an optimized user experience across all three solution components: the WOWTester, WOWTester App and WOWClowd.

This unique WOWClowd system uses the test technician’s mobile device, an application designed specifically for the task of cabling-testing, and cloud technology to gain access to real-time test results, project management tools and customer floor plans. Through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology, the WOWTester connects to the technician’s mobile device. The WOWTester App initiates and runs cabling tests, allowing onsite technicians as well as offsite managers to view real time test progress and results securely stored in the cloud via their mobile devices.

This solution is far more than a traditional stand-alone tester. It is our industry’s first powerful, yet easy to use, Project Management and Network Facilities Management test solution. Now users can label, drag/drop, and link Patch Panels to Equipment Outlet Icons and test in real time right from your mobile device. The platform also allows technicians to time stamp, GPS locate, upload photos and videos from the testing site, to accompany test results. 


WOWClowd is now available with a solution that will reshape cable testing as we know it. "Cable testing from your phone, to our app, to the cloud" has been the talk of the industry for over a year, and it is now reality. WOWClowd utilizes cutting edge cloud & mobility technology to deliver the first ever robust facility and project management solution featuring electronic real time floor plans, test results, reports and more.

WOWClowd’s powerful yet easy to use network facilities and project management capabilities are available today. Users can now take advantage of mobile cloud technology that significantly improves productivity, collaboration and profitability. Owners, project managers, field personnel and end-customers now have real-time access to the cloud where test results, project management tools, customer floor plans, and other project documentation are updated, collected, time-stamped, stored and backed up.

Innovate your business processes -- dramatically improve customer retention and profitability by embracing Cloud and Mobile solutions. The WOWClowd Solution is an affordable, game-changing product that is revolutionizing the cable-testing industry.

WOWClowd is a product of WOW Insites, LLC, an innovative technology company headquartered in Omaha, NE. WOW Insites specializes in the unique combination of SaaS-Cloud-Mobile platforms to deliver state of the art innovation, simplicity of use and world class productivity solutions.