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WOWClowd – Shipping Soon! Don't Miss this Announcement

Sep 16, 2014

As we are nearing production, we remain committed to keeping you informed and “in the know.” Please see three important announcements:
BETA TESTING SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED - You spoke, we listened. The response to our BETA testing was outstanding!  After extensive usability with 50+ companies, we are proud to say the WOWClowd Solution has been thoroughly vetted and based on the excellent feedback we received; we have significantly enhanced our solution with new and improved features and functionality. In fact, certain areas of our on-line experience were completely redesigned in direct response to your input. Our ability to utilize a combination of iOS and Android mobile devices, a specifically designed application and innovative cloud technology to gain access to real time test results, project management tools and customer floor plans is now more powerful than ever!  

BICSI FALL CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT - In just a few weeks, members of the WOWClowd team will be giving live product demonstrations of the new enhanced WOWClowd Solution in booth 331 at the upcoming BICSI Fall Conference in Anaheim, California.  Be sure and stop by our booth!

YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT MORE - As we continue to travel the country presenting WOWClowd, we have discovered that enterprise level customers are frustrated with the limitations of current cable testing platforms. They complain specifically about the lack of visibility into projects, unorganized or lost hard-copy records and the inability to collaborate with contractors. Reality is, enterprise level customers are demanding a better process from their contractors. The good news is, WOWClowd utilizes the latest mobility cloud technology to ensure your service is cutting edge providing you and your customers full project visibility, direct access to on-line floor plans and real time project information, not to mention team collaboration like never before. Now you can exceed any customer expectations and maximize retention!  

Again, we thank you for your interest in WOWClowd and we look forward to seeing you in Anaheim.  Stay tuned… we will be announcing our first product shipment dates very soon!!!