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WOWClowd LIVE! Much anticipated launch will increase revenue & revolutionize cable testing.

Oct 09, 2014

The WOWClowd solution is officially LIVE! Check it out, and even sign up today at www.wowclowd.com. (Man, this is a fun email to send…keep reading please.)

In the Fall of 2013, we announced a concept unlike any other in cable testing. We proposed a new technology platform that would leverage the latest mobility/cloud advancements to rid of things like lost test results, paper floor plans with scribbled notes, manual data transfer from large, overpriced equipment, costly calibration requirements, etc. We talked about running cable tests from your phone and then leveraging BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to automatically transfer real time test and project data from your mobile device to the cloud. This was totally unprecedented in this industry but it meant seeing real time data on electronic floor plans delivering visibility and collaboration for the first time ever. Your response? Such engagement and enthusiasm that BICSI had to move our booth as we were determined a fire hazard. Remember this sign?

We came back in the Winter of 2014. We were further along with our software but still in test mode and we    presented hardware under glass. We asked for some help with Beta testing. Your response? Over 500 companies signed up to assist with this effort…a product leader’s dream! Thank you! We launched a nationwide Beta program with over 50 companies and used that program to ensure that VOC (Voice of the Customer) was our top design requirement. It worked, it worked well. Remember this VOC video?  Click here to check it out!

Fall of 2014 and we were there with the real thing in Anaheim. We had a complete live solution ready for your review at kiosks and a demo I got to present again but this time with real screen shots, not illustrations. Once again, you welcomed us, you welcomed a new innovative solution, and you recognized that this platform would exceed your customers’ expectations, improve your efficiencies and result in increased revenue. We talked about launching within days and gave you full transparency into our product roadmap so you know exactly what is to come. Cabling Installation and Maintenance appreciated this approach…click here to read what they wrote.

So here we are now, we’re LIVE! Let me just quote the home page of our new website:

Now there really is no reason to deal with lost test results, outdated USB transfer from bulky, overpriced equipment, hard copy floor plans with scribbles…STOP THE MADNESS! In light of all the technological advancements of our day, there’s a better way. A way that is much more efficient and less costly. You use your phone for everything else, why not this?

Let us show you how your techs can use an iOS or Android mobile device (whatever they prefer), with our app, with our cloud based project management solution to deliver real time electronic floor plans, results, reports and so much more. Now you can exceed customer expectations, reduce costs and maximize revenue like never before. Don’t take our word for it though, see for yourself.

Thank you for engaging with us along the way. Make sure you get your order in this first limited production run! For purchasing info, visit our new website: www.wowclowd.com.

We’re so excited to be here! Let’s keep working together,