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WOWClowd™ Announces Integration with Cable Certification Testers

January 23, 2015

WOWClowd will soon import third party certification level test results. NEW functionality will be demonstrated at BICSI in February. There has been a consistent request for integration with certification level testers manufactured by companies such as Fluke, Ideal and JDSU. As a result, this feature development became a top priority for WOWClowd.

WOWClowd Ready to Roll in Canada

November 21, 2014

Two distributors are in place and a third appears close to signing on with WOW Insites LLC, creators of the WOWClowd mobile cloud technology system. WOWClowd utilizes mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets with a specifically designed application and cloud technology to gain access to real-time test results, project management tools and customer floor plans, a recent press re…

WOWClowd Cabling Tester Begins Shipping October 6

October 6, 2014

At the BICSI Fall Conference, which took place September 28 through October 2 in Anaheim, CA, WOWClowd announced that Monday, October 6 will be the date it begins shipping its cabling-test platform. Accu-Tech and Anixter are stocking distributors of the test system. WOWClowd originally announced, and demonstrated the concept of, its cloud-based test capabilities at 2013’s BICSI Fall …

WOWClowd Officially Launches: Reshaping the Future of Cable Testing

September 22, 2014

September 22nd, 2014 - WOW Insites LLC, a new innovator in the telecommunications industry, announced their cutting edge project management and cable testing solution at BICSI 2013. Now they return to BICSI this month to officially launch and announce shipping dates.

Cloudy Days: Mobility and cloud computing 
shake up business

August 4, 2014

Saving time and money through collaboration and mobility are new imperatives for today’s construction industry. However, these essentials reside in a changing world. The desktop computer is taking a backseat to the ubiquitous tablet and smartphone for business. Bringing this new landscape together is “the cloud,” a network of servers, each with a different function, such as stori…

Cable System Testing Goes to the Cloud

April 17, 2014

Cabling Installation & Maintenance - Cloud-based storage means confirmation and analysis of test results are no longer beholden to the tester's location.

New Omaha Firm Launches IT Industry Testing Device

February 8, 2014

Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE., - A group of Omaha entrepreneurs avoided this week’s snow as they unveiled a new product at an IT industry conference in Orlando.

WOW Insites, LLC Officially Launches WOWClowd at 2014 BICSI Winter Conference

February 4, 2014

Cabling Installation & Maintenance - At this week's 2014 BICSI Winter Conference, WOW Insites, LLC (Omaha, Neb.) has officially launched WOWClowd, its proprietary "Mobile Cloud" technology. Previously launched in a beta version, the WowClowd technology enables technicians to accurately run cabling tests from a smartphone app.

Cable Testing Set to Enter New Phase with WOWClowd Launch

January 31, 2014

Connections+ - WOW Insites, LLC will officially launch its mobile cloud technology” offering for the structured cable testing industry next week at the BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando next week.

WOWClowd Enables Technicians to Run Cabling Tests From a Smartphone App

September 25, 2013

Cabling Installation & Maintenance - The concept of the WOWClowd solution was introduced at the BICSI Fall Conference, held in mid-September. Under development by Wow Insites, LLC, WowClowd is currently in beta.

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