Cable Testing Set to Enter New Phase with WOWClowd Launch

January 31, 2014 at 12:14 PM


WOW Insites, LLC will officially launch its mobile cloud technology” offering for the structured cable testing industry next week at the BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando next week.

WOWClowd utilizes mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, a specifically designed application and innovative cloud technology to gain access to real-time test results, project management tools and customer floor plans. 

Utilizing Bluetooth wireless technology, the WOWTester connects to a mobile device. The WOWTester App is then able to initiate and run cable tests allowing onsite technicians to view test progress and results in real time on their mobile devices. 

According to Carey Gille, vice president of product with WOWClowd, the free downloadable WOWTester App, eliminates cumbersome traditional tester scroll buttons, allowing technicians to use the familiar and advanced interface of their mobile device. 

“Our mobile cloud capability significantly improves productivity, information access and profitability as owners, project managers, supervisors, field personnel and clients will now have real-time access to the cloud where test results, project management tools, customer floor plans, and other project documentation are collected, time-stamped, stored and backed up.

“Because test results will feed immediately to the cloud, data is instantly accessible rather than delayed awaiting manual transfer or even worse, accidentally lost when testers are shared, misplaced or stolen.”

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