New Omaha Firm Launches IT Industry Testing Device

February 08, 2014 at 4:00 AM

Omaha World Herald

A group of Omaha entrepreneurs avoided this week’s snow as they unveiled a new product at an IT industry conference in Orlando.

The new testing device and related app, designed in part in Omaha, are intended to make work more efficient for IT professionals who install and test network infrastructure cabling, the wires that connect your desktop computer and phone to your office’s servers.

The company, WOW Insites, said its product, WOWClowd, lets a systems tester use an app on his or her own smartphone to run tests through the new Bluetooth-enabled testing device. The tester can then upload the results right to the cloud, sharing it remotely with a project manager back at the office.

They said it’s an improvement over a traditional cable testing device, which stores the information until it is downloaded to the tester’s PC.

“Ours is really just one step,” said WOW Insites CEO Steve Kanne. “We believe this is a tool that every IT technician, every low-voltage cable installer, will want to have in their tool bag.”

We last spoke to Kanne a year ago, when he was chief operating officer at Prime Communications. Prime had just received a multi-million dollar investment from Omaha tech entrepreneur George Haddix.

Since then, part of that investment has helped to launch WOW Insites. A $50,000 Nebraska Innovation Fund grant helped too, and Kanne said WOW Insites now employees nearly 20 people full-time, including 12 in Omaha.

While Kanne is no longer an employee of Prime (though he is still an owner), other Prime executives -- president and CEO Brian Kenkel and vice president and COO Jamie Bumgardner -- are on the WOW Insites board of directors.

Kanne said industry reception was positive and WOW Insites has been taking pre-orders. The product will ship this summer, he said.