WOWClowd Ready to Roll in Canada

November 21, 2014 at 8:52 PM

Two distributors are in place and a third appears close to signing on with WOW Insites LLC, creators of the WOWClowd mobile cloud technology system.  WOWClowd utilizes mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets with a specifically designed application and cloud technology to gain access to real-time test results, project management tools and customer floor plans, a recent press release stated.

The WOWTester App initiates and runs cable tests allowing onsite technicians to view test progress and results in real time on their mobile devices.  Meanwhile, the WOWTester hardware connects to a mobile device via Bluetooth technology. The WOWTester App is then able to initiate and run cable tests allowing onsite technicians to view test progress and results in real time on their mobile devices.

“Other industries are utilizing the newest mobility cloud technology platform to revolutionize consumer product offerings every day,” the firm said. “We now monitor our homes, our health, order our food, pay our bills, even select driving music all via this new technology now on our smart devices, in our cars, at the restaurant, almost everywhere.”

According to the Omaha, Neb.-based company, the offering eliminates costly time-consuming limitations of a current process that is dependent upon severely outdated methods such as paper floor plans and locally stored test results.

“When researching this we spoke with so many technicians who complained about the clunky testing process, project managers who went on and on about the hassle of hard copies and the pain of lost test results, and most importantly, end customers who are frustrated with contractor services that fail to provide any collaboration,” said Carey Gill, the firm’s vice president of product.

“They are in the dark as to project status and they don’t even have access to their own infrastructure records.”
Company CEO Steve Kanne said prior to the announcement of an Oct. 6 launch date, the offering went through the United Laboratories process and a vigorous beta program involving 50+ organizations has now concluded.

“We had Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and smaller companies, but the majority were the contractors and low-voltage cabling service providers,” he said. “They ranged the gamut from companies who do strictly sub-contract work and thousands of jobs every year to small companies that might do five or six major projects a year and a handful of service calls with five or six techs. It was fully put to the test.” Kanne added that “we don’t want people using this as a troubleshooting tool, but as a workflow management tool.

“When I announced this whole idea in 2013 (at the Fall BICSI Conference in Las Vegas) I could not believe the amount of attendance there was from Canadian companies, mainly contractors coming to Vegas,” he said.

“It blew my mind in that they were by far some of the most receptive people to the idea and got it right away. There are people who get it right away, those people who are on the fence and those people who just scratch their head and walk away. Nobody from Canada, not a single person, dismissed it. I am excited to get into that market.”  Kanne said that there will be hardware and software upgrades likely within the next six months.

“Our version 1.0 cloud and test platform was based on our original Functional Requirement Document. This was it. This was the product we were going to build and not deviate from. As you go along though you find several nice-to-have items that we have set aside and put on our roadmap. We may add them to 2.0 or 3.0.”

Accu-Tech is distributing Wow products in Canada either via their website at or from any branch location.