WOWTester App

Techs, enough of the paper floor plans with scribbled notes!  Install the WOWTester App where you can access work orders, run your tests and then view results in real time. Need to attach pictures or notes? Easy! You’re on your phone…you already know how to do all that.

WOWTester App - WOWClowd

Here’s how it works:

  • Tech logs into App, selects "Cable Test" then inputs Client & Work Order.
  • Tech identifies port to be tested. 
  • Tech initiates test and views progress and immediate results. 
  • Tech easily attaches pictures, videos and notes.
  • Tech can view and print reports directly from the App...closing deliverables DONE! 
WOWTester App - WOWClowd

WOWTester App - iOS and Android.
The app will run on iPhone 4S or later, the 5th generation iPod touch, and iPad mini and iPad 3 (the Next iPad) or later. Apple devices must be running iOS 6 or greater.

Android phones or tablets equipped with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) chip running Lollipop and greater are supported.

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